Simple and delicious – what more can you ask for?

Simple and delicious – what more can you ask for? The wild Kamchatka scallop beats beef hands down when it comes to iodine content, and at the same time, it is easier to digest than meat. One interesting quality of scallop meat is that it has a calming effect on the nervous system thanks to the abundance of vitamin B found in it.

Wonder of nature - Scallop

Scallop - one of the finest seafood, which unfortunately is not familiar to all fans of useful and healthy food. Next we will try to fill this gap. Sea scallops - a bivalve mollusk family Pectinacea, which in turn is divided into four subspecies, and have about 26 genera. Sink scallop has a diameter of 15-20 cm. They live in almost all the seas Fifteen species of scallops is found in the Black Sea, the northern and Far Eastern seas. Some types of non-target species and breeding.

Scallop meat is easily digested, contains a lot of protein, minerals, vitamins.

Useful properties

Characteristic sea delicacies delicate taste and a high content of mineral trace elements successfully "promoted" Far shellfish in the domestic market. In the scallop meat contains: vitamin B12, riboflavin, thiamine; ideal source of calcium (in the wings scallops contained 98.2% of calcium carbonate). Biocalcium has no toxic properties, has no side effects when used by man. Scallop has healing properties to reduce blood cholesterol, and high content of vitamins of group "B" a beneficial effect on the nervous system. High biological value and the presence of large amounts of iodine allowed to recommend this product in the diet of patients with atherosclerosis. If you have problems with excess weight, doctors recommend include the à la carte menu of scallops. The most famous and perhaps the most valuable property of scallop beskomprormisno recognized by all peoples of Asia (especially their man's half) is unquestionably a unique effect of this product on male potency, and in the long run. Anyone who has ever set foot on this amazing hot land, no longer thinks of himself without the magnificent snow-capped peaks, pristine forests and clean water. Peninsula area of about 270,000 square kilometers bordering the Sea of Okhotsk, the Bering Sea and the Pacific Ocean. Active volcanoes, hot and cold mineral springs, emerald tundra reindeer herds - all these miracles can not but admire. And in the sea off the coast of the peninsula is found yet another wonder of nature - wild red king scallop.


Expert opinion

«They contain complete proteins, comparable with the nutritional value of milk and meat proteins - says PhD, assistant professor RNIMU them. NI Nikolai Pirogov Adrianov. - Plus therein many important polyunsaturated fatty acids, including omega-3 class. ».

«The general level of essential amino acids shellfish slightly inferior meat (6.4% vs. 8.1%), and crustaceans it reaches 9.7%. However, reliable data on the composition of amino acids in seafood no», – said the professor, head of the Laboratory of Biochemistry and Technology of fish, invertebrates and algae VNIRO Antonina Podkorytova.