Pesto crusted scallops with caramelized onions and butternut squash

On this edition of Easy Eats, Lehigh Carbon Community College cooking instructor Brock Cahoon shows us how to make pesto crusted scallops with caramelized onions and butternut squash. It's much simpler than it sounds.  

Simple seared scallops for beginners

With a seared exterior and soft, tender interior, scallops have a mild flavor that complement a rich, buttery wine sauce. 

Staying home on Valentine's Day is easy with these scallops

This Valentine's Day, take a pass on the expected. As in, ditch the restaurant reservations. You're just going to get overcharged for so-so food, anyway.

Christmas Cooking Project: Scallops with Chorizo and Saffron Sauce

After a long walk taking beautiful festive photos, what more can be satisfying other than a warm dish of scallops. Scallops were amongst my favorite dishes. As a kid, my family would always order gai lan and 3 types of seafood.

Christmas scallops

Ronnie Murray, head pastry chef for Hix Restaurants says: “Seafood needn’t be reserved for prawn cocktails at Christmas. Scallops are an indulgent festive canapé that your guests will love”.  

Curry Scallops & Cilantro Rice

This recipe pairs curry-coated scallops and brown rice seasoned with cilantro, scallions and lemon. For this recipe you’ll need 3 cups cooked brown rice. Serve with roasted carrots tossed with cumin and coriander.

Christmas dinner with scallops

A quiet Christmas - it is  an idyllic thought. Hot coffee and presents around the fire with the tree lights twinkling and the weather outside - sunny or bleak - a matter of indifference. Later in the day comes dinner, and it must not break the mood.

Creamy Scallop & Pea Fettuccine

This rich pasta dish is full of sweet seared scallops and plump peas. Low-fat milk and flour thicken the sauce, giving it creamy texture without the extra calories and fat found in traditional cream sauces. 

Scallops with Potato Pancakes and Caviar Sauce

Vinny Dotolo found inspiration for this elegant dish by thinking about New Year's Eve classics. Both Champagne and caviar flavor the butter sauce that he spoons over seared scallops set on mini potato pancakes.

Scallops with Ibérico ham and parsley foam

This beautiful scallops recipe from James Sommerin is garnished with edible flowers, a beautiful tradition that dates back centuries. Use edible flowers that are free of pesticides from the market or from your own garden.

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