Scallops. One of the best aphrodisiacs known to men

Scallops. One of the best aphrodisiacs known to men

Health and a fulfilling sex life are important to everyone, regardless of age or social status. However, while we hear a lot about the importance of staying fit, our society tends to shy away from the topic of sexual health. The right combination of special exercises, herbal brews and supplements for stimulating erection can help men regain and strengthen their vigor, and make their sex lives exiting for many years to come.

Every dish provides many beneficial nutrients, but not all of them are beneficial to men’s health. Yet some foods have a positive impact on sex drive, in particular. These foods are usually rich in vitamins A, E and B, which accelerate nerve impulse transmission, including sexual arousal time.

Sea foods are generally regarded the main class of aphrodisiacs because they contain the largest amounts of selenium and zinc—minerals that improve sex drive. Scallops are a must in the diet of a true macho. The meat of these mollusks is regarded the key source of male stamina because it is the only source of a specific type of protein that a man’s body requires. Scallops are also rich in fatty acids, vitamins and microelements.