Fishing fleet overview

Vessel class Name of Vessel EU Reg. Number Korean Reg. Number Chinese Reg. Number
SRTMK Briz EU-88K RK-1-88K CH-88K
SRTMK Rumyantsevo EU-77H RK-1-77H CH-77H
SRTMK Bratsevo EU-64G RK-1-64G CH-64G

Scientific name: Chlamys Albidus

Catch period: January—March, June—December

Annual harvest: 6,500 MT (the expected product quantity - 1 000 t.) It's about 70% of catch scallops in Russia

Method of fishing: dredge

Product type: IQF

Packaging: 10 or 12 kg kraft carton

Size grades:
2L 40-60 pcs/kg
L 60-80 pcs/kg
MIX (no size sorting)
M 80-100 pcs/kg
S 100+ pcs/kg

Shelf life:
18 mos. at -18 °C

Production is controlled by HACCP plan

Product mix

Frozen scallops

Canned scallops

Dried scallops

Scallop frozen in the shell

Company profile

Severo-Kurilsk Seiner Fleet Base was founded in 1993 on Paramushir Island in the northern reaches of the Kuril Islands. The company specializes in harvesting bottom fish and natural, wild scallops. We own a diverse fleet and operating base, including near-shore catcher boats, scallop catcher/processors, longliners, shoreside processing plants and cold storages. Harvesting is performed by our fleet, equipped with modern, automated catching and processing lines, and capable of working year-round. These vessels are approved and registered for exporting their finished product to Europe, North America, Korea and China.
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